Sunday, January 8, 2012

An update on the Christmas tree

So remember my awesome felt Christmas tree? Well it last approximately another week before my darling duo ripped it right off the wall. (sigh) The downside of the heat n bond method I used to adhere the tree to the wall is that once it comes off you can't reapply it. 

so sad.

So I debated some other options (I was determined to have some kind of Christmas tree!) and came up with something that worked. After gooping up my iron trying to remove the heat n' bond, (no bueno!) I decided to use a simple spray adhesive (I used Elmer's multi purpose spray adhesive) and followed the directions for a temporary hold. It worked awesome! My little darlings pulled it down at least once more, but the spray adhesive was so simple to use I had it back up in under 5 minutes. Eventually (after a time out or two) they mostly stopped trying to pull it off the wall. Despite their attempts to destroy it they really loved it.  They learned to say "star" and can now recognize a star when they see one (I was super impressed they could do this at only 12 months!). When we took it down I didn't notice any residual goop on the wall from the adhesive, so that's definitely a winner in my book. 

Even though it wasn't quite as hassle free as I was hoping I am so glad I did it. 
And really had we done the spray adhesive from day one I would have been less stressed about keeping it on the wall to begin with. So next year we'll just start there.

I am equally glad we did not get a real tree. Can you imagine what they would have done to that one? Jeez!

{Our lovely tree on Christmas morning}

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