Friday, January 20, 2012

bebe au lait inspired burp cloth

A friend of mine recently asked how to go about making these burp clothes she saw 

Cute, right?

Well I decided to take a shot at making one myself and write up a tutorial while I was at. I failed to look at the dimensions of the clothes on the bebe au lait website before I did mine (whoops!) so I did mine quite a bit wider. If I had to do over I think I would do something more in the middle (6.5'' (bebe au lait) seems a bit narrow and 10'' (mine) seems a bit wide). 

1/2 yard terry cloth (2-10''x18'' pieces or 2-6.5''x18'' pieces)
52'' of bias tape (I would use 1/2 inch double fold bias tape)
scrap of fabric 4.5''x10''

1. Cut two pieces of terry cloth to your desired size. Lay one piece on top of the other. Using some kind of rounded edge (I used a kitchen bowl) trace a curved edge around the corners of your terry cloth and then cut.

2. Take one piece of terry cloth and pin the scrap of fabric about 1/3rd from the bottom fold the long edges under ~.5'' and then sew it down (I used .25'' seam).
- You have two options when it comes to bias tape. You can buy double fold bias tape in a coordinating color or You can make your own bias tape from the accent fabric you choose. {use this tutorial to make your own or you can make faux bias tape (which is what I did) using this tutorial.} While the faux bias tape is faster to make I would still recommend using real bias tape. There is great tutorial here on what bias tape does.

3. Pin the two piece of terry cloth, wrong sides together. Do a wide basting stitch around the edge (again use a .25'' seam).

4. Finally, attach your bias tape! (this is a great tutorial on how to attach bias tape)

And here is my finished product. I think it turned out really cute! Next time I think I will make it a little narrower and put a solid color of flannel on the back instead of the second piece of terry cloth.

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