Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shaun the Sheep birthday shirts

Our twinners turn 2 next week. TWO! Having two two year olds brings some unique challenges, but I have to admit there are parts of this age that I absolutely love. Like the talking! I love hearing them talk and get excited about the world around them. Granted they don't talk a whole lot yet, but they say more every day. It's the best.

I also love all the personality that comes out at this age. While I could do without the tantrums and hysterics I love all the laughter and silliness. So much personality in two little bodies!

Well if there is one thing my boys agree on it has to be their favorite TV show...

Shaun the Sheep!

In honor of their greatest obsession I decided to make them Shaun the Sheep birthday shirts for their big day.

I must say I am very pleased with how they came out. I'm no applique expert so I was pretty much just winging it. A little felt here, some hand stitching there add in some machine stitching and a dash of polyfil and voila! I just used some plain t shirts I had on hand and definitely would've chosen a lighter color than navy blue for the second shirt if I'd been buying them.

His hair and eyes are stuffed with polyfil to give it some dimension. I just free hand drew the pattern pieces on paper whilst looking at a picture (is that a copy right infringement?). I was actually surprised with how cute they turned out. And I know my boys will like them because well they've already seen them (oops!). Though I felt extra good that they could totally tell who it was supposed to be!

My husband and I were looking at sheep cupcakes tonight online. I think we might try to  make  some! If we do I'll be sure to take pictures and post them even if they turn out disastrous  Especially if they turn out disastrous  We all need to laugh at ourselves now and again, right?

We did it!

Folks I am proud to report that we made our December 1st deadline for getting all our Christmas gift shopping/making done. It was quite the undertaking with all the handmade gifts I did this year, but oh so worth it. Already December has been more relaxed and we are just able to enjoy our time together as a family. There are of course still the wrapping of presents and all that fun, but the rest is done. It feels so good! I think we'll do this every year. Seriously.

And now I actually have time to blog about the stuff I've made! Yeah!

A little man's tool belt

This has truly turned into the year of the handmade Christmas! I was going through the list of things we have to put under our tree and a good portion of them are handmade. One of the few store bought items my boys are getting this Christmas is a tool bench with a tool set (yes they will be in heaven on Christmas morning). I thought it would be fun to make them each a tool belt to go along with their tools. But I didn't want to spend any money on it so I was relegated to using things I could find on hand. I mulled over some different ideas, but decided on this tutorial that repurposes old jeans into a kids tool belt (awesome right?!). Well after my fiasco with the car cozy  I made using an old pair of jeans I just couldn't bring myself to give denim another try (I'm a chicken I know). Instead I used some left over red upholstery weight fabric I had on hand (canvas maybe? I'm not sure) along with some coordinating cotton plaid scraps for the edges.

I'm generally please with how they turned out though they are still lacking a little something to me. If I had to do it over I would have used a contrasting thread on the pockets so you could see them better. Live and learn! 

I even managed to score the parachute buckles for free. I had an old backpack with all kinds of buckles and straps on it that was just gathering dust and headed for Goodwill. I also noticed that the Dollar Tree has dog collars with parachute buckles that would probably also be a great alternative. If I hadn't had something on hand I definitely would have gone that route.
I think I might go back after Christmas and add a little something more to these (a felt monogram with their first initial, some loops for hammers...I'm open to ideas). There is just something missing.

But I am determined not to do anything else to them before Christmas!

(I’m sharing this at the Dare to DIY party hosted by Decor and the DogMaybe MatildaNewly Woodwards, and Two Twenty One!)

My version of the adorable monster coloring tote

POST EDIT: If you are visiting from Pinterest, welcome! I'm excited to announce that I have opened an etsy shop to sell these cute bags. You can find my shop here.

On my list of things to make for my kiddos this year was some kind of crayon cozy. When I came across this adorable tutorial for a monster tote (seriously, check it out) I decided to take the plunge even though it wasn't what I had originally envisioned. Some where in my google searching I came across this blog as well and I sort of combined ideas from both of them to make these sweet things!

(forgive the less than stellar photography)

I am so happy with how they turned out. I was also impressed with how easily they came together (especially the second one!). I deviated a bit from the original tutorial (they are sized a little differently, I changed the bottom of the bag a bit, and used only felt etc.). Oh and instead of using nylon webbing for the handles  I just did a double layer of felt for each handle. Saved me a couple bucks and a trip to the fabric store. Winner in my book!

They are the perfect size for a coloring book and a few other toys/books. Love it!

(I’m sharing this at the Dare to DIY party hosted by Decor and the DogMaybe MatildaNewly Woodwards, and Two Twenty One!)

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