Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mess "free" painting with kids: Dollar Tree cookie sheets!

So it turns out that Dollar Tree cookie sheets make great art/painting stations.

Since I'm outnumbered by the kids painting isn't something we do a lot of because it was stressful for me to try to make sure we weren't make a gigantic mess. I'm not super uptight person about messes, but painting with the kids would just push me over the edge. Invariably paint would end up on the wall, table and chairs making for a big mess to clean up afterwards. Enter the Dollar Tree cookie sheet. They are smaller than typical making them the perfect size for a standard size piece of paper and some paint (we've used both acrylics and watercolors with great success). It keeps the mess contained (well as contained as you can get when handing a three year old a paintbrush and saying 'have at it!') plus it seems like it was easier for my boys as well (ex. the paper doesn't slide around as much, etc). One of my little guys knocked over his water cup this time around and instead of it making a huge mess all over the table (and him!) I just picked up the tray, dumped out the water, gave it a quick rinse and we were back in business. Boo-yeah! 

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! Forrest always wants to paint and I almost always say no because I hate having to hover over him to make sure he doesn't make a mess.


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