Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The beginning

I've had something of a personal breakthrough in the last couple of weeks that started with this realization:

If I can't do something the way that I want to I usually don't do it at all.

This, my friends, is a problem. As a busy caretaker of twins I often don't have the time or energy to do things just the way I want to, but not doing them at all is unacceptable as well.

It keeps me stuck.

It keeps me from making the changes I want to.

It keeps me from accomplishing things I want to do.

It keeps me from becoming the kind of person I really want to be.

Which is why my house is usually a mess, dinner not on the table as often as I'd like, and it explains the pile of unfinished projects on my sewing desk.

So I say, no more!

Done is better than perfect in my {new} book.

So I started a new blog to sort of track my progress and celebrate my successes as small as they may be.

You are welcome to follow along if you'd like.


  1. I've changed my understanding of "perfect" in recent years. I think it's more appropriate to view "perfect" as "whole or complete."

  2. I am just entering this realization. I am glad that I found your blog. More often than not the person I make it for has no idea that is not what I really wanted to make. I hope you carry on.


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