Monday, December 9, 2013

Construction Site Portable Play Mat

My best creative ideas come when I am creating for someone I love. No doubt about it. My number one inspiration most days are my crazy love-able 3 year old twin boys. Last year for Christmas I made them these time intensive felt car mats. I love them, but  I'm not crazy about how the felt has held up (especially because I used velcro for the closure, take my advice and don't do that!). So for Christmas this year I thought I would try something new for the construction site play mat I wanted to make them: designing my own fabric and having it printed by Spoonflower!

Sound crazy? Well it was really. Designing the fabric took quite a long time since, well, I started out without really knowing anything about Adobe Illustrator. But I love how this construction mat turned out!

Spoonflower was great to work with and I love how my fabric turned out! I think my little construction enthusiasts are going to love these! Of course I made a few extra for my etsy shop :)


  1. OH my goodness you are so talented. I"m following you now :) I just submitted my race track table for a little boy gift.You are such an inspiration!

  2. Oh my word! This. Is. Amazing! What a wonderfully clever idea to have fabric printed. And it turned out so well.

  3. adorable! and i agree genius to use spoonflower for this!


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