Saturday, September 28, 2013

Project Big Boy Room: Part Two

When I saw these darling striped rag quilts earlier this year on DIY Divas earlier this year I fell in love (they have a great tutorial on their site, go check it out!). I loved the texture of the rag quilt combined with the bold stripes. So when I started planning the big boy room I knew these quilts in some form or another would make an appearance.

I changed the dimensions a bit (we plan to get the long crib mattresses from IKEA). I also wanted to make the quilt a bit heavier and even cozier (my boys love cozy fabric) so I backed the super soft flannel with an extra cozy minky type fabric. This was my first real attempt at a quilt so I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, flaws and all! :)

While you can get dirt cheap flannel at JoAnn's I opted to invest a bit more in some higher quality flannel and I am so glad I did. The flannel is super soft and cozy. I'm excited to see how they look on the simple platform beds we are planning to build. For now they are tucked away in our closet and I am really hoping I did all the calculations right when I figured out the dimensions :)

Next, I'm planning to redo the bookcase in their room for better toy storage and my goal for October is to get the beds built!!

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